Holidays are supposed to be all about rest and relaxation, right? When you’ve got kids and you’re setting off on a getaway with the whole family, it can be a little less peaceful than some might expect. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the holiday chaos so you can really make the most of this time away from home. Use these steps to enjoy a getaway that’s all fun and no drama.

  • Give yourself space. Booking into a hotel room might sound fun, but when you’ve got the whole family on board, it can end up being more than a little cramped. Booking multiple rooms gets pricy, so cut your costs and make sure you have the space you need by booking a luxury holiday villa with FNQ Apartments. This way, everyone will have the privacy they deserve, and you can enjoy the break without stepping on each other’s toes.


  • Cut the packing chaos. Packing can get pretty hectic, especially if you’re in charge of making sure your partner, the kids, and yourself have everything they need for a weekend abroad. Take stress out of the equation by making a thorough checklist and ticking off each item as it goes into a suitcase. Use a weighing scale to make sure all your luggage (including carry-on) is within the airline’s required weight limits. There’s nothing more stressful than arriving at the airport and realising you need to unpack your suitcase and start from scratch.


  • Take health precautions. One major source of anxiety for travelling families is the possibility that someone could get sick. Make sure you pack hand sanitizer, lots of OTC medications, any prescription medications that your family needs, as well as emergency contact numbers in the area you’re visiting. You may also want to check that your destination has safe tap water so you can plan to by bottled water when you arrive if necessary. Bring along plenty of vitamin C supplements for the journey to fight off those common airplane bugs.


  • Pack distractions. Travelling with small children is notoriously tough, but the right preparation can transform the experience into a relative breeze. Bring all of your kids’ favourite distractions, from beloved toys to a tablet loaded with their current movie or TV obsessions. Don’t forget to pack plenty of healthy snacks to avoid those disastrous blood sugar drops.


  • Keep important paperwork organised. Create an important documents folder where you store all of your passports, travel documents and tickets, insurance information, booking details, and anything else you can think of that may be useful. Keep this folder safe in one set location before you travel so it never goes missing, and store it nearby at all times when you begin your journey.


  • Have an itinerary. Your trip will run smoothly if you plan everything out thoroughly ahead of time. Do your research and make a list of all of the activities you definitely want to cover while you’re on holiday, then work them into a basic schedule to follow once you arrive. Get the whole family involved so everyone is excited about the itinerary, but don’t be afraid to get a bit spontaneous if you arrive and discover new adventures that you hadn’t planned for.