Bali, an island in Indonesia, is a perfect holiday getaway. It has something for every kind of palate. There are numbers of beautiful beaches along with scenic surroundings and luscious green paddy fields. Travellers will also find numerous architectural wonders, in the form of temples, high end restaurants, seafood shacks, water parks, safari and marine parks, elephant safari parks, adventure parks, water sports, hiking trails, rich local culture and heritage, happening nightlife, romantic getaways and family spots. There is something for everyone in Bali whether couples, families, old or young, adventure seekers or those looking to relax. Over the years however, with growing popularity of Bali as a tourist destination, the numbers of petty criminal activities in Bali are on the rise.

How to staying safe in Bali?

The people of Bali are peaceful and friendly and the place is in general safe for travellers to visit, even with families and kids. A safer option while holidaying in Bali is to stay in a resort or opt for bali villa rentals. Villas are a better option since most of them are rented out by trustworthy citizens. Villas that can be booked online are usually safe since the agencies conduct a thorough check in terms of the living conditions of the villa and general safety issues. Holiday and family experts inspect the villa before listing it online, thus making it safe to choose one online. Additionally, in case of queries, doubts, special requests or emergencies, the online villa rentals have a local help desk which is at the traveller’s assistance at any given time. Villas apart from providing safety, also provide luxury, service, privacy and are at the same time affordable too. The staffs at the villas are also appointed after background checks and they are friendly too. Most importantly, the booking and payment for these villas can be done online via secure payment methods, thus making the transaction safe and convenient. However to be on the safer side, while staying in the villa it is best to put valuables in the locker provided in the rooms and to lock the room while moving out of the villa.

Safety Tips

Even though Bali is in general a safe place and so are the resorts and villas, some safety tips can help prevent freak mishaps. The most vital tip is to keep a watch on your belongings while out at the public beaches or while site-seeing as there are rising numbers of incidents involving bag snatchers and similar thefts. It is best to leave valuables in room safety lockers, as said above, or to carry it in safety pockets, even while swimming.

One must also be careful against pick-pocketing, especially in crowded areas. Another safety tip is to avoid consumption of drugs as it is banned in Bali and can have you arrested. Thirdly, traffic can be quite chaotic and congested in Bali and it is best to leave the driving to the appointed drivers instead of attempting self driving. Last but not the least, it is advisable to avoid venturing out in the night.  It is better to be safe than sorry and follow a few safety measures to make the most of a fulfilled holiday in exotic Bali.