While many people take cabin luggage as well as hold luggage, you might not always have the luxury of taking many items with you. Perhaps you’re going on a short trip or you’re not willing to pay extra on a budget airline to take a full sized checked suitcase. Whatever your reasons for needing to pack light, here are some great tips that will ensure you keep your suitcase light while still having enough clothing and other items.

Think about what you really need

Many people go on holiday with items that they don’t really need. For example, if you’re going on a beach trip, don’t pack coats and other warm winter items. This is particularly important if you’re travelling to a destination where you know it’s going to be hot while you’re there. You can pack a light raincoat if you have the space left over, but the chance of any rain or cold weather in southern destinations is very small and you can always visit a shop while you’re there if any unfortunate weather occurs.

Do laundry while you’re away

If you’re booking a hotel or hostel, check whether there are laundry facilities before you travel. In many hostels, there are free or cheap laundry facilities available, and most hotels will provide a laundry service if you need it. If you’re travelling for more than 3-4 days, you will probably need to use a laundry service. If you’re staying in a city or busy town or around the best villas in Legian, you will likely find shops which offer this service at a reasonable price. This will allow you to pack less clothing, since you can wash and reuse them after a few days of travelling.

Pack neutral clothing

If you want to wear the same clothing a few times but you’re conscious that your photographs will make it look like you’re recycling the same outfits, choose clothing which is not eye-catching and bold. Black and dark blue jeans are great for travelling to cities. You can take tops which you can dress up (by adding jewellery) or dress down. You can also pack a smart jacket which will instantly dress up any outfit.

Roll rather than fold

Thicker items will fold better, but thinner items of clothing are definitely better rolled rather than folded. This also prevents creasing in your clothing, and saves plenty of space in your suitcase. Roll as tightly as possible to save maximum space.

Buy toiletries when you arrive

Travelling on a plane with a cabin case instantly restricts the amount of liquids you can take, so some items are better bought when you arrive. If something is easily replaceable and you’re travelling somewhere with plenty of shops (check with your hotel/hostel beforehand if you’re not sure), you are very likely to be able to get hold of toothpaste, body moisturisers and shower gels at a decent price. This will save a lot of hassle for you while packing for travel , as well as reducing the risk of spillages and keeping the weight of your suitcase light.