Getting away with the boys is something that happens a lot when you are younger. As life progresses those amazing student weekends and jaunts with the lads happen less and less frequently as work, family and ‘adulting’ start to take up an increasing amount of time. But those trips and those special times with mates remain important, so as you look ahead to your 2018 you should consider making some time to get together with your oldest mates, plan a trip and do something special. Here are some ideas on where to go and what to do – trips that the wife and children might not be so keen to join you on and which will be sure to produce memories and good times.

See a country on a bike

Pick a place you haven’t been to before, hire bikes and plot a route. Slovenia is small and a great place to go. The Hebrides offer low vehicle traffic and lots of distilleries along the way to break things up a bit. Or how about cycle touring Australia? It’s flat, it’s packed with crazy wildlife, they enjoy beer and, as easy as it is to get away from the beaten track and adventure, it also has some incredible cities with clubs and activities to keep travellers entertained for days. In short a cycle trip makes for a great lads holiday. You can go at your own pace, head to where you want to go and you can see the land from close up as you simply cannot see it from a bus or a car.

Scuba Diving

Pick something that none of you do and which can take you to a world that is new and exciting. Under the water is certainly that and if you have never tried it, what a great experience to share with your mates. Aside from taking you under the sea and offering you sites of amazing coral reefs and tropical fish, diving also has the ability to take you to exotic locations. Think destinations like Mozambique, Hawaii or Croatia. Getting Scuba certified is easy and if you have never breathed beneath the sea before it is certainly worth trying – the experience is incredible. And having qualified as a diver it will give you plenty of excuses for future holidays away with your mates.

Adrenaline Action

Plan a trip to a place like South Africa which is a great destination for those who enjoy a bit of an adrenaline rush. What could be better for a lad’s holiday than a country that offers the highest bungee jump in the world at the Bloukrans River Bridge? Or where you can go shark cage-diving and get up close and personal with a great white shark. Where parachuting is popular and where paragliders launch from the iconic Table Mountain and land meters away from the sea on Cape Town’s promenade. South Africa is a great destination that’s easy to access and to get around and where there is plenty of outdoor adventure available.