In South Africa, there are plenty of festivals to enjoy your time with the loved ones, friends, family and as a couple with your girl or boy friend.

The people in SA provide very importance to the entertainment part to enjoy their life. When you are a new visitor to the South Africa or you want to enjoy your time there, you just find the following festivals and enjoy with your dear ones.


National Arts festival:


It is definitely the most essential event in the culture of South Africans and it is also the biggest yearly celebration of the arts actually on the African continent.

This national arts festival usually runs for 11 days and starting at the end of June or starting of July.

This festive programme also includes dance, drama, comedy, jazz, music, student theatre, visual art exhibition, physical theatre, craft fair, street theatre, kid’s arts festival, film, workshops and opera.

This arts festival event is open for all kinds of people from all age groups regardless of the sex, race, creed and color.


Knysna Oyster festival:




Knysna Oyster festival actually promises to be abuzz with the tasty food, great fun and also drink for totally 10 days.

Everyone can surely enjoy different types of festive events from the concerts to the comedy, fashion shows, talent shows, theatres, parties and everything for 10 days of the winter season.


Splashy Fen music festival:


Splashy Fen is one of the most premier ranges of music festivals of  South Africa. It actually started in the year 1990 and still it is too popular among all age groups of the people there.

Now days, over thousands of people are getting participated in this music festival to enjoy the great music and also get the ultimate outdoor music experience.

This specific music event actually has unique character and vibe in order to provide much lovable experience to everyone.

That is why it has become the long running annual music festival of the South Africa. This music festival is held over two full days and it has a main aim to have good time with the famous musicians and passionately enjoy music with the loved ones.


Hermanus Whale festival:



This particular festival in South Africa actually started before 26 years in the popular coastal town called Hermanus. A lot of visitors and also people in the local residences actually celebrate the southern right whales migration and also enjoy other marine wildlife with the ocean themed exhibitions and activities.

During this festival, you can also enjoy environmentally responsible adventures, emphasizing education and also more other activities.

This Hermanus Whale festival is only one thing which is celebrating the enviro-arts festival in South Africa. The South Africans celebrate this whale festival especially in this Hermanus place only because it is a perfect land based whale seeing destination in the world.