For those who’ve never hit the ski slopes before, it can be difficult to know how to prepare for that first trip out on the snow. A skiing holiday can be heaps of fun if you’re properly prepared for the adventure beforehand. Even absolute novices will be able to get the basic skills down by the end of the holiday, and before you know it you’ll be zooming down the slopes with the best of them. Follow these steps so that you’ll be totally prepared to make the most out of your first ever skiing holiday experience.

Dress for success.

It probably goes without saying that you’ll need to dress for some chilly weather when you’re heading off to a skiing resort. This is a winter sport, so you’ll have to dress accordingly. Invest in high-quality, comfortable ski jackets, and a solid pair of ski boots that will withstand all of your slips and bumps as you learn to ski. Bring plenty of thick, warm socks and light layers to wear under your jacket in case the weather warms up and you start to overheat.

Boost your fitness.

When you watch professionals ski, it tends to look pretty effortless and graceful. In reality, skiing is a serious sport that requires plenty of strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. Do some extra cardio exercise so that your heart and lungs will be able to handle the change in altitude and increase in activity while you ski, and work on balance-focused strength exercises. Stretch regularly to improve your flexibility and remember to warm up before you ski – this can go a long way toward reducing your risk of injury.

Visit some indoor slopes.

Before you visit a ski resort, you should take the opportunity to practice skiing so that you can really enjoy your holiday and not spend the entire time trying to grasp the basics. Indoor skiing slopes are located all around the country and are ideal for picking up the fundamentals of skiing without dealing with any real ice or snow.

Shop around for great deals.

Unfortunately, ski resorts can be pricy. That doesn’t mean you can’t live out your extreme sport dream on a budget, though. Visit price comparison websites to find the best deals on chalets and resort package deals, and consider taking your trip at a less popular time of year to reduce your expenses.

Get guidance from the experts.

Even if your partner or friend that you’re travelling with has been skiing for years, get your lessons from a professional instructor. They’re the ones who know exactly how to get you started on the slopes, and they won’t give you faulty advice that could lead to accidents. It’s important to learn from the people who are specially trained to teach.

Pack some emergency snacks.

When you head out to the slopes to ski, bring a backpack with you with some emergency supplies so that your day isn’t spoiled by a sudden hunger pang. Bring energy bars, and don’t forget a good quality sunscreen that you can regularly re-apply throughout the day to prevent skin damage. Even in cold weather, the sun reflects off the snow and can cause some serious burns.