Tokyo is one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

It has lot to offer in terms of cuisine and lifestyle.

 I have been to tokyo for 6 months due to my work in Media agency in 2015.

I always found something special in Tokyo and would like to share about things which I love the most in Tokyo.

Food Culture

Japanese food

Japanese food has great flavor and  health benefits.

The food is extremely light and is very good for your health. The spices and ingredients leaves a permanent mark on your mind.


Sumo is a Japanese activity which  is growing  in popularity all over the world. The best wrestlers make superstar status, and sumo actually includes a position at certain conventions. 

You can visit several Sumo centers and watch them practise and follow their daily routine.




The delicate pink cherry blossom is know as Sakura. The celebration dates back to 18th Century. Though many people think it’s all about watching flowers but its more than that.  

The cherry blossom party continues for all months consisting of food feasts to fashion festival. . You will go home with a ton of experience.


Historic Temples and Places




Japan is a land of heritage building and landmark . In 2016, Ueno Park’s National Museum of Western Art was put into UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage list in Tokyo.

You will better off if you allocate some portion of your time in visiting the various places. You will go back with tons of happy memories.

Tokyo Street Fashion

As everyone in Tokyo can let you know, the capital city is just a different planet set alongside the remainder of Japan.

You will amazed to see the style statement of Odaiba  youths or  ladies of Shibuya.

 The street fashion sense of Tokyo is highly regarded and often covered in some of the upcoming fashion magazines in the world.


For an authentically Japanese experience, it’s advisable to prepare a visit around a Shinto shrine festival. Celebrations or these matsuri occur usually in fall and spring.

It’s an ideal spot to enjoy lots of great quality food and music towards the shrine.

Yukata & Kimono

For all those not brave enough to use their yukata , Tokyo has a variety of indoor activities. Many ryokan will give you yukata to use.

 You can find many shops which will lend kimono and yukata. This could taken as rental for tea events, photo shoots or walks, celebrations.


 Anybody from technophiles, fashionistas, shopaholics and everybody will find their shopping paradise in Tokyo.

The town has an endless choice of style devices, along with other consumer products.