After our awesome tour at Indonesia, r we decided to visit Philippines.Now Philippines is extremely cost effective and Australian dollar will go a long way in serving you.

Many guides have already been written showcasing what to visit, where to stay and what are the things that you need to avoid.

We will not go that part but better we’ll discuss why we should visit Philippines.

  1. The people

I travelled in South East Asia. People in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand are friendly and really nice. However, the people in the Philippines are just amazing. Every time I thought people couldn’t get any friendlier they’d exceed my expectations.This with a never ending smile that is genuine.

  1. Diversity

Forget about Buddhism and temples! Forget about tuk-tuk. The Philippines is packed with churches, people are Roman Catholic and also the local form of transport is a Jeepney.

The Philippines is a former Spanish colony. This gives a unique feeling nowhere to the Philippines.


  1. The Tarsier

You can encounter one of the smallest primates on earth in the event you visit the Philippines. This little animal is known as a Tarsier and it’s one of the cutest animals I’ve ever seen in my life. Where you are able to come face to face with this amazing little creature on the island of Bohol you’ll discover a Tarsier sanctuary. It will take lots of effort.

  1. Malapascua Island ,Philippines

South East Asia has a large amount of beautiful islands. The island has a number of the best beaches and diving spots in the Philippines.

The best feature of the island is the local population. The local people on this particular island are friendly. Walk around, talk to the kids when locals invite you in to their houses, and practice your karaoke skills.


  1. The Chocolate Hills

This is one of the weirdest landscapes you’ll ever see. A landscape dotted with hardly any vegetation growing on them with little green hills. A local told me the legend of the two giants that were fighting. A long, long time ago there were two giants.

You’re probably wondering the reason why they’re called Chocolate Hills! In the dry season, the grass on the hills will turn brown and they’re going to look like hills.

  1. The diving

Get their license that is diving at one point. I did mine, in the island of Koh Tao in Thailand, like many others. The Philippines is the place to be if you’re into diving. The country has a number of the best diving spots on the planet.

Famous spots are Monad Shoal, Apo reef and Coron. It’s almost impossible to describe the feeling when numerous 45 meter long sharks surround you.


  1. The beaches

Well, I was wrong. The Philippines has a number of the best beaches I’ve ever seen. The water makes a beautiful contrast together with the white beaches and is blue.

  1. El Nido


It’s a must visit. It takes you through an amazing landscape that is untouched. El Nido is surrounded by limestone mountains and also the coastal area is dotted with numerous tropical islands that were inhabited. Spend the night at one of them and I recommend you to book a trip to visit a number of the islands located in around El Nido.