Camping holidays are one of the best ways to get your family out into nature for a proper bonding session. They’re also an inexpensive way to take a break from your everyday life, allowing you to experience this beautiful country without paying a fortune for overpriced hotel rooms. What better way to connect with your kids than to camp out with them under the open sky? The trick to making a success of your camping trip is all in the preparation. Bring the right things so that your holiday will be all fun, and no disappointment.

  1. Be transport-savvy. Your regular car may not be sufficient when it comes to bringing the gear you need for a proper family camping getaway. That doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy a brand new pick-up truck, or abandon the idea altogether. Look into car trailer hire perth so that you can load all of your tents, sleeping bags and general supplies onto the trailer and ride comfortably in your vehicle.
  2. Gather your BBQ gear. No camping trip would be complete without a BBQ under the stars. We assume you’re already an expert on grilling the perfect camp-side cheeseburger, but don’t forget to pack all of the tools you need to get the family fed without any drama. You’ll need a reasonably sized cooler to keep your food fresh, containers for water, washing up supplies, utensils and crockery, and plenty of rubbish bags to clear up the inevitable mess.
  3. Cover all of your shelter needs. The most important things to pack before you go camping are the items that will keep you warm and comfortable at night, regardless of the weather. Tents, ground sheets, and tools like hammers and pegs can be loaded into your trailer. Bring warm sleeping bags for the whole family, and consider investing in thermal sleeping bags if the weather might get cool at night. Air mattresses can make a comfortable addition if you want some extra padding beneath you while you sleep.
  4. Bring your fire and light. Once the sun goes down on your campsite, you’ll be in big trouble if you’ve forgotten your matches, torches and lanterns. Bring enough torches for the whole family to have their own personal source of light in the night, and bring plenty of lighters and matches to start campfires when you’re ready to cook or warm up.
  5. Bring an emergency pocketknife. You never know what could happen while you’re out camping, so have some emergency tools with you in case anything occurs. A handy multi-use pocketknife is perfect for plenty of uses, and a hatchet can also come in handy for chopping. Most importantly, bring a first aid kit so that you can handle any injuries or accidents along the way.
  6. Dress for the weather. Layers are the way forward when it comes to packing clothes for a camping trip, as the weather can range by many degrees over the course of the day and night. Bring lightweight jackets and rain covers, as well as warm weather clothes to keep you cool in the hot summer sun. Don’t forget comfortable hiking boots so that you can head out into nature on excursions, and sunscreen to keep your skin safe while you enjoy the view.