Japan is the archipelago which is made up of 3000 islands and Japanese cuisine includes the traditional and regional foods.

In fact traditional cuisine is based on the rice along with the miso soup and other kinds of dishes. They mostly use red meat, dairy products, oils and fats.

Japanese  dish are entirely different from other people because they follow traditional method.




The word sushi refers to the cooked rice which is mixed with the seasoned rice vinegar and Japanese people are called it as Shari.

There are more numbers of the vegetables are used in the sushi like Pickles roll, egg, kanpyo, spinach, cucumber and plum.

In a modern world most of the people are created mac and cheese sushi, beef sushi and hamburger sushi.




Ramen is the Japanese dish and it contains of Chinese style wheat noodles that could be served in the fish based broth or meat.

Sometimes it often flavored with the miso or soy sauce and certain kinds of toppings such as green onions, sliced pork and dried seaweed.

In fact ramen is available in throughout Japan like Kitakata, Sapporo, Tokyo and Wakayama.


Unagi is the Japanese word for the freshwater eel and it is the most common ingredient in the Japanese cooking. Sometimes it is called as Kabayaki and it served as the part of Unadon.

There are huge numbers of the specialist Unagi restaurants are there in Japan and it contains the omega 6 fatty acids so that it is completely offer more numbers of health benefits to the people.

One of the studies says that it is not contain carbohydrates but it has the 18 amino acids. It promotes the hair growth, protect the central nervous system and good for brain.


Actually tempura is the classical Portuguese dish that is brought to and popularized by Japan and it is consists of the vegetables or seafood.

It has been deep fried and battered. It is a gluten free food so you may not suffer from obesity problems.

When you prepare tempura, you can use anything such as fruits, herbs, vegetables, proteins, scratches and so on.

Actually most of the vegetables and seafood are mostly used as the ingredient in ancient tempura. Instead of crumbs, it consists of the cold water, egg and flour and it used only less oil so that it can get the crispier and lighter coating.


Actually soba is the Japanese name for the buckwheat and mostly it refers to the thin noodles which might be made from buckwheat flour.

It is contrast to the thick wheat noodles and it is called as the Udon.

In fact Soba noodles are served in the different kinds of settings and if you eat soba then people can acquire huge numbers of the benefits. It contains the eight essential