People of every age group wish to participate in the cultural festival and enjoy the most colourful aspects of the life. They search for the most interesting and exciting cultural festivals. Once they have decided to get pleasure from cultural festival, they can focus on the best and upcoming cultural festivals one after another. The following details explain you top cultural festivals and give you enough guidance to decide on the best one.


New Orleans Mardi Gras, Louisana

Residents in Southern Louisiana celebrate the holiday of Mardi Gras. There is a major parade every day. However, large parades conducted in some days of this festival. This cultural festival is concentrated for about a couple of weeks prior to and through Shrove Tuesday. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the lent of the Catholic tradition. Successful social clubs in New Orleans organize the parades. There is the same route and schedule for the parade every year. International tourists in recent years wish to participate in this festival. They visit here in the carnival season in Dauphin, New Orleans and Bourbon Street.


Glastonbury Festival England

If you have a crush on the contemporary performing arts at this time, then you can directly focus on how to participate in the Glastonbury Festival in England. This five-day festival gives the most memorable experiences to every participant regardless of age and profession. Music is the main entertaining element of this festival. This festival hosts the contemporary music, cabaret, circus, theatre, comedy, dance and other genres of exciting arts. Ever-increasing TV and newspaper coverages for this extraordinary festival encourage residents of many countries to participate in it without any delay.


This festival is the major event of the British culture beyond doubt. The main elements behind the popularity and regular updates of this festival are free festival movements, counterculture and hippie.  This festival grows every year and impresses everyone who takes part in it.


Rio Carnival‎, Brazil

Rio Carnival is the most special carnival in Rio de Janeiro. This carnival is the world’s biggest carnival due to 2 million participants per day on the streets. This festival is held every year prior to the lent. You will be amazed when you aware about the commencement of this festival. Rio Carnival was started date back to 1723. This carnival is filled with floats, revelers, adornments and other excellent things from several samba schools throughout Rio. Every samba school has local neighbours who wish to attend the carnival together.  All active participants of this festival every year have some geographical, regional and other backgrounds.

They wish to attend this interesting carnival together with their kith and kin.


Sydney New Year’s Eve, Australia

Sydney New Year’s Eve in Australia is an annual multi-tiered event. This event is held every New Year’s Eve.  This cultural festival held over Sydney Harbour gives the most exciting feel to all participants. There are two pyrotechnic displays namely midnight fireworks and 9 pm family fireworks.



The culture is different from one region to another region. You can involve yourself in the local, national or international cultural festival as per your budget, schedule and other requirements